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Our Mission

To create and execute interactive and culturally relevant programs to excite underrepresented students about STEM and facilitate pathways into STEM careers.

Our vision

To fuel a STEM workforce that is fully reflective of the racial background and social demographics of the population at-large. By 2020, Fascinate aspires to provide experiences for 100,000 students about STEM careers and teach them 500,000 STEM skills. Additionally, Fascinate aspires to ensure that 10,000 students from our served population apply for more intensive STEM programs from our partners.

What We've Achieved

  • Produced over 10 STEM/STEAM programs

  • Mobilized over 50 volunteers in New York City

  • Served over 500 students with our programs

  • Raised $30,000 to develop program

  • Launched to publicize initiative

  • Incorporated in the State of New York

  • Received 501 (c)(3) status

  • Designed 2D prototype of bus

  • Surveyed K-12 instructors across the country to gauge student interest in the project

  • Proposed partnerships with nonprofits who grant scholarships to STEM students

  • Awarded Tiny Fellowship Grant by 4.0 schools

  • Held First and Second Pilot Programs at Microsoft

  • Partnerships with over 10 STEM & Community orgs including Google, MIT Media Lab, and Children’s Aid